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Volleyball Canada Policy on Responsible Social Media Use

Toppers Code of Conduct

Selection Process

Interested players are to submit video footage by emailing by no later than 5 p.m. on Sunday, November 15th. Late submissions will not be accepted.

  • The following items MUST be included in your email: 

    • Subject line:

      • Player’s first and last name, birth date and birth year. 

    • Body:

      • Parent or guardian's name, phone number and email address.

      • Description of any previous playing experience (school or club)

      • Link(s) to your YouTube video(s).

  • Using the steps provided below, players will create a short YouTube video or videos (maximum 5 minutes combined length). 

  • If you do not have a collection of game play footage, we recommend sending video clips of the following skills:

    • 10 underhand passes

    • 10 sets to a partner or along the net

    • 10 serves

    • 10 attacks

    • 10 blocks 

  • If needed, use an outdoor space or garage to record. We understand that many players may not have an easy time recording video and we are just asking to do their best.

How to upload a video to YouTube – private channel


  • You will require a Gmail account.

  • Click on the video camera icon, then select the upload video option.

  • Drag and drop your file in the area or select the file from your computer.

  • Complete the “details” section.

  • Complete the “Video Elements” section.

  • Complete the “Visibility” section.

  • Choose unlisted which means your video will be on your channel but only accessible to the individuals who have the link you shared.

  • Complete the rest of the “visibility” section.

  • Your video is now uploaded to your YouTube channel.

  • To share the link to your video:

    • ​Select the 3 dots

    • Select copy link

    • Paste link in email to share with your contact. 

Step 2:

Between November 15th and November 20th, our director, coaching co-ordinator and selection committee will review the video footage and select the top 26 athletes for each of the following age divisions: 


13U born in 2008

14U born in 2007

15U born in 2006

16U born in 2005

The top 13 athletes will be selected for the following age groups:

17U born in 2004 

18U born in 2003

If selected, you will be notified by email by November 18th and invited to an in-person tryout. 


Step 3:


In-person tryouts for each age group will be held. After this tryout, teams will be selected and coaches will contact players and parents. 

13U - 2 teams of 8

14U - 3 teams of 8

15U - 3 teams of 8

16U - 3 teams of 8

17U/18U - 2 teams of 8

A $15 non-refundable tryout fee will be collected before the session. Information will be sent prior to the tryout sessions with instructions for entering and exiting the building, and other safety protocol that will be in place. For those who are not selected for a team, we are hoping to offer training and skill sessions in the New Year if gym time becomes available. STAY TUNED!!



Our club fees have yet to be determined. Upon making a team, players will complete the registration process and be given a breakdown of our fee structure. We will take into account items such as SVA fees for insurance and sanctioning, gym rental costs, honorariums, jerseys, and equipment. If there is an opportunity for tournament or mini league play, entry fees will be assessed and players will be charged accordingly.

Our estimated program fees for 2020-2021 are $500 - $700 per player. Full registration fees are due immediately upon being selected for a 2020-2021 Toppers Volleyball team. If you will be requesting funding from a third party sponsor, funding must be in place and confirmation of such funding must be made when the fees are due without exception.  Apply for funding now as spots will not be held due to high demand.


Step 4:

Beginning in early February, teams will begin training twice per week. The season will run February through April, 2021. If permitted by both the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Saskatchewan Volleyball Association, there could potentially be a mini-league format for competition play. As this information becomes available, coaches will discuss options with players and parents.